Make History!

SB239 Modernize HIV

California is on the verge of modernizing its HIV criminal laws and we need your help! Existing California laws criminalize and stigmatize poeple living with HIV and do not take into account current scientific advances in HIV treatment and prevention. Rather than advance public health, these laws discourage testing and treatment that saves lives and prevents transmission. 

Please use our "Click to Contact" mobilization tool to contact Governor Brown and urge him to sign Senate Bill 239 to modernize California's HIV criminal laws.

Let's get started. It’s simple and fun! First, enter your contact information below. You’ll be transferred to our "Click-to-Contact" page, which will start the process. 

Second, on the "Tweet to Governor Brown Page" you will have the opportunity to tweet Governor Brown using a series of sample tweets which will be provided. 

Third, once you finish tweeting, you will enter our "Click to Call" page where you will enter your telephone number, which will allow Equality California to call you and connect you to Governor Brown's office. Take a look at the sample script and wait for our call. Once you pick up, you'll be automatically connected with the office of Governor Brown. Feel free to use the script as a guide for your conversation. 
Note: the Governor's line may be busy and you may get disconnected. If so, you can refresh the page to try again.

Finally, after your calls, you will see a field in which you can provide Equality California information on the Governor of his staff's response so we can track our progress.